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Nurturing intelligence

At Bioteksa, we have moved from fertilizing to nourishing plants in a responsible and highly efficient way. Discover the ways in which we revolutionize agriculture.

Bioteksa® is a biotechnology company specialized in plant nutrition.

For more than 18 years, we have been working on breaking the old paradigms of conventional fertilization, eliminating obsolete agricultural practices and evolving the productive needs of our clients towards totally innovative strategies.

Our mission: To obtain high-quality and high-value grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Our focus is on fully understanding the functioning of the Soil-Water-Plant-Atmosphere Agrological System in a physical, chemical, and biological dimension that directly and indirectly affects or benefits the sensitive behavior of the appropriate epigenetic expression of plants for human consumption.

A company focused on the future

Through research, we have been able to improve current fertilization systems and provide farmers with new tools to have hyper-productive crops.

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In vivo research

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Sustainability and safety

Discover how our products nourish without harming the plant or the environment.

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You already learned a little about the core of Bioteksa, now you can explore a little more about us:

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Discover our long journey towards a sustainable future.

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