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Discover the story behind Bioteksa® and colloid nutrition through time!

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1991 - The Mexican Science and Technology Award CONACYT-NAFINSA.

Award granted for the elucidation of humate and fulvate molecules of potassium and the creation of the first matrices of amphiphilic-enantiomorphic colloid.

1995 - 2000: Development of the first models of Lightbourn Biochemical Model Biorreaction.

Created by Dr. Luis Alberto Lightbourn Rojas, the Lightbourn® Biochemical Model traces through mathematical models the intelligent interaction that exists between the Soil-Water-Plant-Environment system and the impact of each and every nutrient in the various phenological stages, both vegetative and developmental, of the crop.

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2000-2002: The development of the Lightbourn Metabolic Engineering System

Lightbourn Metabolic Engineering is a new paradigm for explaining plant life and the mathematical formation of biomass by considering the nanological-femtological aspects of Disruptive Plant Physiology. This allows Bioteksa® to create exclusive designs of nutrient molecules perfectly compatible with the nature of the formation of ion channels in plant cells and stomata on leaf surfaces.

2003 - Bioteksa SA de CV foundation

Bioteksa® is a company founded in Ciudad Jiménez, Chihuahua, Mexico, which with a scientific-business approach, constantly seeks the "state of the art" in all its areas and disciplines.

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2003 - 2005: Development of Humalenate and Fulvalenate Nanoporters®

At the molecular level, Nanoporters® are designed to achieve greater nutrient availability in the plant, up to 10 times greater than conventional products. In the case of the Humalenate-Fulvalenate Nanoporter®, its function is to improve soil recovery and optimize photosynthesis.

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2005 - 2008: Development of Organo-silicon Nanoporters®.

Maintaining homeostasis or health even in moments and conditions of stress is fundamental and is based on keeping the plant's immune system active. For this reason, the Organosilicon Nanoporters® are designed to provide protection against biotic and abiotic stress.

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