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The current problem with conventional fertilization

Discover some of the issues related to conventional fertilizers

Nutrient loss

More than 50% of the fertilizer applied in fields is lost due to many factors, even before the plant tries to absorb it.

Unutilized nutrients

Depending on the circumstances, another large percentage of nutrients will remain immobile in the soil

Soil erosion

The way most fertilizers are applied will degrade the soil, causing the plant to use more energy to absorb the limited fertilizer available to it.

¿What areNanoporters®?*

Biodynamic molecules designed with the ability to effectively stabilize and transport ions and biochemical compounds to the plant through the root or leaves, achieving a nutrient availability of up to 10 times more than conventional products.

The advantages of using Nanoporters® to nourish your crops

These molecules are specifically designed to combat the major issues of conventional fertilization, thus achieving hyper-productive crops

Ultra-assimilable nutrients

With a unique molecular architecture and crystalline network configuration that makes them ultra-assimilable.

Nutrientes dirigidos a las células de la planta

Ya que el nutriente se encapsula en un liposoma, este se asimila por la planta solo cuando esta la necesita.

Reduce nutrient loss

Colloidal Nanoporters® allow nutrients to remain in the soil and prevent them from volatilizing or transforming into molecules that the plant cannot assimilate.

Improves the nutrient's availability

The Nanoporters® incorporated in our products stabilize, prevent blockages, and increase the bioaccessibility of nutrients, facilitating their entry through the roots and leaves.

Nanoporters® designed at a cellular and molecular level

Our BioNanoFemto Bioteksa® technology enables the design of products based on cellular and molecular architecture, enhancing the ultra-assimilation of nutrients in cell membranes like no other technology in the world. Additionally, it activates cellular work activity, achieving greater efficiency in all plant biochemical, hormonal, and enzymatic processes.

Our colloidal Nanoporters efficiency®

he goal of Nanoporters® is to reduce nutrient loss and create an environment in which plants can absorb elements regardless of soil conditions. This has made it possible to increase the effectiveness of nutrients such as:

Discover the different types of Nanoporters®

Each type of colloid Nanoporter® is designed to fulfill a specific function to improve the plant conditions according to their needs.


Soil recovery. Stabilizer and transporter of our formulations for root application.


Photosynthetic optimization. Stabilizer and carrier of our formulations for foliar application.


Activator of oxidation-reduction processes. Stabilizer and carrier of our sulfur-based formulations.


Provides protection against biotic and abiotic stress. Stabilizer and carrier of our silicon-based formulations.

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