Nutritional Corrector. Hyper Assimilable Nutritional Corrector. BNF Activator of the Plant's Immune System. The correct relationship between respiratory status and the metabolic rate of carbohydrates is the basis of the plants' immunosuppression.

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The NUBIOTEK® HYPER FBK is available in 20L, 5L and 1L presentations.

Benefits provided by NUBIOTEK® HYPER FBK

Ideal Uses

The essential immunological reinforcement for self-sufficiency and pesticide-free plant resilience.

Benefits for the plant

BNF activator of the construction of vegetative tissues and reserve of plants. It causes a better translocation of the essential elements inside the vegetable cells in a homogeneous way avoiding the hidden hunger of the crops. The nutrients that NUBIOTEK® FBK provides activate the plant's metabolism, generating a homogeneous vegetative development at the same time that it works as an excellent hormonal coordinator. It triggers the activation of enzymes, among them those related to growth, being essential for the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The Nanoporter® Amphilic Enantiomorphic Colloid®, Fulvalenate®, of NUBIOTEK® FBK when entering the plant generates energy through the Carbon chains, activating the secondary metabolism of the plant.

Science Driven Lightbourn® - Agrological Vision / Agrology

The correct relationship between respiratory status and carbohydrate metabolic rate is the basis of plant immunosuppression. Isocitrate dehydrogenase is the controlling trigger of CITRATE SYNTHASE and NADPH, which together with PEP CARBOXYLASE trigger the first defense response against infection by mycoplasmas, viruses, bacteria and fungi. It is the first line of VEGETAL IMMUNOLOGICAL DEFENSE. FBK stimulates and helps to stabilize the plant's primary defenses.

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