The best mobile Calcium that strengthens crop productivity. All the benefits of NUBIOTEK® ULTRA Ca, but without nitrogen contribution.

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Technical Sheet

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The NUBIOTEK® ULTRA Ca s/N is available in 20L, 5L and 1L presentations.

Benefits provided by NUBIOTEK® ULTRA Ca s/N

Benefits for the soil

Rebuilds and stabilizes the colloid of the clay-humic-calcium soil structure, resulting in significant improvements in soil structure. It does not fix in clays. Designed to have a high natural compatibility with the composition and structure of crop soils because it unlocks nutrients and loosens the soil due to excessive use of fertilizer salts and hard waters. It optimizes the rhizosphere achieving a better flocculation that allows rootings with unparalleled performance. It helps to eliminate accumulated nitrites and nitrates.

Benefits for the plant

It ensures the absorption and transport of nutrients and water since it performs the correct formation and functioning of the absorption channels in the cellular membranes.In situations of lack of water it regulates the transpiration of the plant, avoiding loss of humidity in the internal and external structures. It allows the Calcium element to quickly and effectively penetrate into the plant, an essential element in cellular signaling.It is a stabilizer of the membrane and cell wall, in addition to being essential for the growth of meristems. It helps the crop to tolerate and counter different climatic stress states, aggressive incidence of pests and / or diseases with great performance.It keeps the stems and leaves of the plant turgid despite the impact of high temperatures, providing immediate strength and growth throughout the plant structure, mainly in roots, stems, leaves and fruits.It regulates fundamental internal processes such as cell division, cell elongation and cell differentiation. It catalyzes the reduction of nitrates and nitrites in ribosomes and Golgi apparatus, detoxifying the plant from NO3 and NO2.

Lightbourn® Biochemical Model - Design of Molecular Nanoporters®

The Nanoporters® Politionate-Hexationate have unparalleled characteristics for the transport of sulfur and nitrogen nutrient molecules, especially when they form biosinergized molecular bodies. The correct transformation of sulfur in the oxidation-reduction processes and the nitrogen fixed to the soil correctly, avoid the use of granulated nitrogen salts, ureas and fertilizers composts, which due to their incompatibility with the nature of the soils are used in large quantities, resulting in high contamination and exhaustion of agricultural soils around the world.In the case of previous use of manure and animal excrement, it avoids and corrects the formation of nitrates and nitrites that accumulate and subsequently translocate to the plant tissues, which causes infarcts of various kinds to the consumer in extreme ages.

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