Activator that corrects deficiencies in vegetative development.

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Technical Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet

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The NUBIOTEK® ULTRA Fe is available in 20L, 5L and 1L presentations.

Health Record

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Benefits of NUBIOTEK® ULTRA Fe

General benefits

BNF Chlorophyll Activator. Activator that corrects deficiencies in vegetative development.

Benefits for the soil

Designed for natural compatibility with the composition and structure of cultivation soils. It promotes a better dynamics and interaction of nutrients in the soil while maintaining adequate levels of Iron for proper assimilation.

Benefits for the plant

NUBIOTEK® ULTRA Fe participates in the enzymatic system of Catalases, which intervene in photorespiration and in the Calvin cycle, facilitating the Redox process of H2O2 in H2O and O2 in the chloroplasts. NUBIOTEK® ULTRA Fe plays an important role in photosynthesis due to its action in the synthesis of chlorophyll and its influence on the morphology of the chloroplasts. It helps crops to tolerate and counter with great performance water stress, in addition to preventing leaves from presenting chlorosis and premature death. It allows the leaves to be in better condition to tolerate high levels of luminosity and consequently less oxidation in leaves and stems.

Science Driven Lightbourn - Agrological Vision

Calorespirometry allows us to understand how plants adapt and acclimate metabolically to the environment. By analyzing the energetics of respiration, we can correlate metabolic heat and CO2 rate and combine them into biomass measurements, allowing us to know the relative metabolic activity. Iron (Fe) is the fundamental element in the internal control of this autonomous and resilient specialty of plants, being the trigger of decarboxylative respiration in the light. Regulating this decarboxylation process in the light is the beginning of an adequate OXIDO-REDUCTIVA photorespiration and ULTRA Fe is the key piece.

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