Optimizer for the Soil. BNF Corrector of the Physical, Chemical and Biological Structure of the Soil. Formation of carbon chains through the mecano-biological activation of the soil.

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NUBIOTEK® ULTRA HBK PLUS is available in 20L, 5L and 1L presentations.


Benefits for the soil

It contains the Humalenate Nanoporter with Chiral Amphiphilic Colloids which improves the natural colloid of the clay-humic-calcium soil structure. Its application constantly colloidizes, oxygenates and physically recovers the soil structure, in addition to activating the soil microbial life, avoiding the development of pathogens; it helps to maintain the nutritional dynamics in the soil. It is a nutrient carrier that also helps to unlock the elements found in the soil. It improves the cationic exchange of the soil's nutritional elements.

Benefits for the plant

Promotes better root development and growth, activates essential metabolic processes for better respiration, hydration and nutrition of the crop.Promotes better root development, therefore activates the uptake of nutrients more efficiently and without waste. Its colloidal Nanoporters enter the plant generating energy through carbon chains. It causes a better translocation of essential elements to the interior of the plant cells homogeneously, activating the metabolism of the plant to generate a better vegetative development. Helps plants to better express their genetic potential.

Lightbourn® Biochemical Model - Hyperagricultural Production

Achieving the recovery of the natural colloid of the soil is one of the great topics to be solved in the production of vegetable foods worldwide. Until now there was no protocol or edaphic intervention that reconstitutes the lost colloid, which has caused the compaction of cultivable soils by more than 62%. Nanoporters® Amphiphilic Enantiomorphic® Colloids as a fundamental part of the NUBIOTEK® nutrient design technology, are the only ones that guarantee the natural injection of Biodinamized Humalenate® molecules that are inserted with absolute efficacy and efficiency between the clay-humic-calcium structure to restructure its physical-chemical and biological nature, and thus reactivate and recover the life of the soil in a natural and sustainable way.

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