Promoter that increases photosynthesis and hyperproduction.

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The NUBIOTEK® ULTRA Mg is available in 20L, 5L and 1L presentations.

Benefits provided by NUBIOTEK® ULTRA Mg

General benefits

Promoter of Photosynthesis. BNF Glucocatalyst.

Benefits for the soil

It facilitates the oxidation-reduction processes of the root, which drive the absorption of nutrients saving energy in diffusion phenomena. It maintains the Carbon-Oxygen-Nitrogen relationship that guarantees the oxygenation of the rhizosphere to avoid anaerobiosis, which favors the development of natural mycorrhizae.

Benefits for the plant

Activates the formation of chlorophyll, a pigment found in thylakoids that absorbs light energy. Activates the formation of ferredoxin, an Iron-Sulfur protein electron transporter to reduce (oxidation-reduction process) NADP+ reductase, favoring linear electron transport. Actively participates in the formation of DNA polymerase that synthesizes DNA molecules, in addition to activating ATP synthesis in the light phase of photosynthesis. Promotes glucose synthesis in the dark phase of photosynthesis, catalyzing the enzyme RUBISCO.It is an enzymatic cofactor that catalyzes irreversible biochemical reactions in glycolysis. It effectively activates enzymes catalyzed by Magnesium such as hexokinase, phosphofructokinase, glyceraldehyde phosphate dehydrogenase, phosphoglycerate kinase, kinase, enolase and pyruvate kinase (also dependent on Potassium).

Lightbourn® Biochemical Model - Agrological Vision

The energy required for the activation of the enzyme chains necessary for the homeostasis of the plant depends on the availability of Magnesium integrated into the chlorophyll molecule and its correct functioning, producing the anomeric monosaccharides that will guarantee the correct functioning of all the vegetative metabolic routes. On the other hand, in the soil, Magnesium helps Calcium in the flocculation of clays and in nanohydrofluidics (the transport of water in the rhizosphere), allowing the permeability of the cell membrane of the absorbing roots to be preserved, as well as the integrity of the cell wall of the beneficial microbiota.

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