The element behind our success: research.

Through the Lightbourn Research Institute (LRI), a research team has been developed with a focus on areas such as plant nutrition, agrology, genomics, among others.

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Our lines of research

The Lightbourn Institute focuses its lines of research on the field of "Omics" sciences to have a holistic view of biological organisms through the functioning of cells and the environment that surrounds them.



It allows the study of the functionality of microbial communities, which in turn opens the possibility of identifying microorganisms, genes, or molecules with key functions in the molecular mechanisms that determine the health status of the soil.



It makes it possible to obtain gene expression profiles of plant responses to stress, which offers great possibilities to deepen the understanding of the mechanisms that are activated during physiological responses in plants.



New research field to determine expression profile of biosynthetic pathway components for agrological strategies.



We have achieved complete genome sequencing of numerous microorganisms. This knowledge has applications in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.

BioNanoFemto Molecular design

The development of our products is based on a cellular (nano) and molecular (femto) foundation, which translates into a biodynamic nutrition that enhances the ultra-assimilation of nutrients in cell membranes like no other nutrition technology in the world.

Meet our research team

They are a great team developing research focused on high-impact topics at the forefront of knowledge through open, collaborative, and interdisciplinary innovation.

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Dr. Luis Lightbourn

Founder and leader. Expert in applied mathematics, organic synthesis, and molecular biology.

Dr. Luis Amarillas

Director. Brings expertise in microbial biotechnology, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and genomics.

Dr. Rubén León

Expert in plant metabolism, gene expression, biochemistry, and cell biology.

MC. Nancy Varela

Expertise in Biochemistry and Glycomics. Extensive knowledge in Glycomics, Plant Biochemistry, and various techniques in Analytical Chemistry.

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