Forget about "organic" labels. Say hello to Bio Synergy in agriculture.

Colloidal Bio Synergy NFT® is the purest understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological interaction of free nutrients, macro-nutrients, and nutritional microelements that impact the harmonious and natural development of plant life.

We conduct research for the benefit of plant nutrition and the feeding of humanity.

Discover the scientific foundation of our products that help maintain a healthy and productive crop while responsibly and truly sustainably caring for its environment.

Totally Tox Free: Don't worry about toxic chemicals in your crops

At Bioteksa, we not only focus on molecular efficiency but also on the safety of our formulations, producing each of our products with the highest standards of hygiene and food-grade raw materials. We are proud to deliver to the end-user a product that is completely free of toxins.

The principles to achieve a Bio Synergy among all the systems with which the plant interacts.

Not hindering or damaging the plant.

Promoting the harmony of the photosynthesis process, starting by ensuring adequate respiration and hydration. To make use of natural resources, we must promote the development and consolidation of beneficial factors, being aware of: Which factors are present and should not be Which factors are not present and should be.

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Soil recovery

We aim to restructure and nourish soil to recover its abiotic and biotic properties in the most natural way possible, all while using it for extensive or intensive agriculture. This results in soil that not only serves as a support for plants but also continues to support and promote life for all kinds of organisms, as well as being an important filter for gases and liquids on this planet.

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Plant energy management

Plants have the ability to maintain and recover their health. That's why our products aim to ensure harmonious growth by minimizing stress in the plant's nutrient absorption, allowing the plant to focus its energy on reproduction and production.

Plant semiotics and traceability.

In the soil-water-plant-atmosphere system, there are endless signs and signals that can help us understand and better care for crops. That's why we work to systematize a practical way to daily control the maximum number of factors and activities possible.

Start managing your crops in a sustainable way

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