All life starts on the soil

Now more than ever we need to take care of our soil.

Soil recovery

Products that allow for the recovery of contaminated and compacted crop soils.

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Nubiotek Ultra S

The perfect balance for oxidative and reductive mechanisms of plant life. Oxygen that rejuvenates cells.

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Nubiotek Ultra SN

The perfect balance for oxidative and reductive mechanisms of plant life. Oxygen that rejuvenates cells.

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Nubiotek Ultra HBK

Restructures, colloidizes, and activates the physical, chemical, and biological structure of the soil, resulting in less stress for the plant at all times.

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Nubiotek Ultra HBK+

Formation of carbon chains through the mechano-biological activation of the soil.

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Nubiotek Ultra Ca

Helps the crop tolerate and counteract different states of climatic stress with great performance.

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Nubiotek Ultra Ca s/N

All the benefits of Nubiotek® ULTRA Ca, but without the addition of Nitrogen.

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Main steps for soil recovery

1.- Oxidize

Loosens compacted soil by capturing oxygen. Thanks to the dynamism of our Nanoporters, we can provide oxygen-free sulfur, which upon contact with the soil naturally incorporates oxygen, and with the help of our Nanoporter, multiplies this process, creating opportunities to create spaces between clays.

2.- Colloidize

Restructures the natural condition of the soil. Once the soil is loosened, our Biodynamic Humalenate is applied, which allows for the harmonious integration of the 5 states that form the soil as a living organism.

3.- Stabilize

Ideal dynamics to unlock and mobilize nutrients. Finally, when all necessary resources are available, it is essential to apply ULTRA Ca to make a synergistic relationship of vital elements to maintain, consolidate, and increase the potential of the soil (the soil's ability to generate, conserve, and increase life).

Ideal dynamic to unlock and mobilize nutrients

Integral Colloidal Nutrition System: SINC®

Our SINC® system aims to promote soil recovery, nourish the plant in a timely manner without hindering or causing harm, and focus the plant's energy on producing rather than surviving.

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