Advanced nutrition for your crops

Our SINC® Colloidal Comprehensive Nutrition System allows plants to immediately benefit from nutrients when they need them most.

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SINC®: Crops, as designed by nature.

This system promotes the recovery of the soil in its physical, chemical and biological conditions, to nourish the plant in a timely manner without disturbing or harming it, thus focusing its energy on producing and not only on surviving.

What does SINC® offers?

Discover the advantages of the system that we have been perfecting for 18 years together with farmers, agronomists and our entire user community.

Fewer applications, same effectiveness

Learn how SINC® helps make less product applications than conventional fertilizers.

Less water usage

Learn how SINC® helps reduce the amount of water needed for crops.

Crop hyper-production

Discover how SINC® promotes hyper-production of crops.

Plant stress reduction

Learn how SINC® helps reduce biotic and abiotic stress levels and why it is important to reduce them.

The principles of our Integral Colloidal Nutrition System (SINC®)


Soil oxidation affects those elements that can exist in the soil in two or more oxidation states, such as O, C, N, S, Fe, Mn, C, and Cu.


Colloidizing the soil can help prevent leaching: the displacement of original soil compounds such as calcium, potassium, sodium, etc. leaving the soil devoid of nutrients for plants.


Soil stabilization provides the necessary nutrients for the start of the crop, which is important for optimizing plant energy.


At Bioteksa®, we focus on nourishing the plant through protocols designed specifically for the geophysical, climatic, biotic, hydrological, genetic, and environmental conditions that affect the cultivation area in each phenological stage.

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