Energy booster for accelerating development processes. Boron and Colloidal Molybdenum Hyper Optimized.BNF Pollen Viability Booster.

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Technical Sheet

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The NUBIOTEK® HYPER BMo is available in 20L, 5L and 1L presentations.


Ideal Uses

Its Nanoporter Colloidal Amphiphilic Enantiomorphic Fulvalenate activates the biochemical processes of the plant such as respiration, photosynthesis and chlorophyll content, contributing to the increase of the quality and performance of the crops.

Benefits for the plant

Your application increases the effectiveness in the setting and tying of fruits since it promotes solid plant tissue structures, which ensures the best quality in the harvests. It enhances the energy of the plant to accelerate all generative development processes as well as activating the metabolism of the Krebs and Calvin cycles, as well as the generation of proteins by the ribosomes. It manages the energy of the plant so that it reaches its maximum performance, especially in the stages of flowering and fruiting, because it promotes the adequate formation of cell wall for the consolidation of stems with strong vascular tissues and fruits of better filling and weight, thanks to the accumulation of sugars.

Science Driven Lightbourn® - Agrological Vision / Agrology

El Boro participates in the translocation of carbohydrates into the plant, as well as in pollination since it is important for the viability of the pollen, so the benefits of its application are related to the formation and quality of the fruit. Molybdenum has a direct impact on plant metabolism which is closely related to the fixation of atmospheric Nitrogen. NUBIOTEK® HYPER BMo achieves a perfect balance in the vegetative and development stages of the plant, correctly administering the use of its energy so that it reaches its maximum performance in the key stages of flowering and fruiting. It promotes solid plant tissue structures that ensure the best quality in harvests.

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