Active intracellular phosphorus that induces the formation of high energy molecules.

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NUBIOTEK® HYPER P is available in 20L, 5L and 1L presentations.

Benefits provided by NUBIOTEK® HYPER P

Ideal Uses

When the plant shows delay in its development and flower abortions or deficient fertilization Hyper P is the solution.

Benefits for the plant

High efficiency and synergy in the growth and metabolic functions of the plant because it activates the thermodynamic transport of differential energy on demand.It fully boosts the plant's epigenetic potential by triggering various functions catalyzing the correct phosphorylation of Histones. It stimulates the appearance of vegetative shoots and root bodies and increases the thickness and firmness of the stem. It is a nutrient that affects multiple metabolic processes such as: Cell division and organogenesis. It efficiently integrates the phospholipids of the cell membrane, carries out an unbeatable synthesis of biomolecules (carbohydrates, proteins and nucleic acids). It selectively activates and deactivates functions of enzymes and other proteins, in addition to increasing the uptake of other nutrients such as Nitrogen.

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The construction of proteins depends on the activation of the loop and phosphorylation cycle. This route is often inhibited by so-called pseudo substrates, which are the result of bad and wrong applications of phosphates and other types of phosphorus such as those from saline fertilizers. These blocked routes affect calmodulins, phospholipids, ceramides, G proteins and growth regulators. To reactivate this phosphorylative homeodynamic HYPER P acts in the catalytic domain, making the plant respond immediately.

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100% assimilation by the plant like no other Nitrogen in the market.

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Nubiotek Hyper K

Catalyzes the transportation and distribution of sugars to the points of demand.

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Nubiotek Hyper Mg

Photosynthesis and Respiration Inductor

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Enzyme activator.

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Energy booster for accelerating development processes.

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Nubiotek Hyper CaB

Increases the vacuolar storage capacity of carbohydrates and proteins, due to the increase of the cell wall resistance.

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Nubiotek Hyper CaB s/N

Calcium pectate formers, which give firmness and long shelf life to flowers and fruits.

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Nubiotek Hyper Cu

Controls the increase of Reactive Oxygen Species (oxidative stress).

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Nubiotek Hyper Fe+Mg

Helps the crop to tolerate and counter water stress with great performance.

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Nubiotek Hyper Mn

Essential for the optimal functioning of the mitochondria (exergonic-exergetic).

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Nubiotek Hyper Plus

Coordinator of the Respiration-Hydration-Photosynthesis Synergy.

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