Potentializer of plastid reconstruction. Biosynergizer of Secondary Metabolism. BNF Activator of Anti-Stress Cellular Immunology.

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NUBIOTEK® HYPER Si is available in 20L, 5L and 1L presentations.

Benefits provided by NUBIOTEK® HYPER Si

Ideal Uses

Before any tissue damage the most important thing is to react in time. The best reaction is prevention. Apply Hyper Si periodically every 30 days.

Benefits for the plant

It contributes to the growth of stronger stems, the construction of defense Tricomas and reinforces the epidermis as a physical barrier, preventing the development of diseases. It promotes plastid reconstruction (chloroplasts, amyloplasts, chromoplasts, oleoplasts, etc.) and contributes to the plant overcoming biotic and abiotic stress effectively. It enhances immunodefenses in crops since it triggers the biochemical processes responsible for immunity, aquaporin reactions and detoxification. It improves the plant's resistance to micronutrient toxicities and other metals and naturally increases resistance to pests and diseases. It also unlocks Fe and Cu elements in the plant.

Science Driven Lightbourn® - Agrological Vision / Agrology

Rebuilding damaged tissue is vital for all living beings. Plastids are all cellular organelles and can be damaged even imperceptibly due to any physiological, parasitic or stress problem. Repair pathways start with the detection and precision of the damaged site. This is efficient and effective cellular communication. HYPER Si is the trigger of these processes, from signaling to repair management.

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