Improve root development by activating nutrient uptake.

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NUBIOTEK® ULTRA RADIX is available in 20L, 5L and 1L presentations.

Benefits provided by NUBIOTEK® ULTRA RADIX

General benefits

Ultra Assimilable Colloidal Root Stimulator. BNF Activator of Radicular Cell Multiplication.

Benefits for the soil

It causes an optimal root development because it helps to control soil erosion and with its high Humalenato® content it quickly promotes the cationic exchange of nutrients in the soil. It recovers the natural clay-humic-calcium colloid of the soil by colloidizing, oxygenating and physically conditioning the rhizosphere, helping to maintain an optimal Electrical Conductivity (EC). It gradually, constantly and beneficially modifies the physical and chemical parameters of the rhizosphere, such as apparent density, relative humidity, total porosity, internal porosity and pH.

Benefits for the plant

Generate strong and healthy roots that allow for better anchoring, as well as the development of absorbent hairs, which improve the uptake and assimilation of nutrients while promoting better development and root growth, activating essential metabolic processes and pathways for better respiration, hydration, photosynthesis and nutrition. The Nanoporter® Amphiphilic Enantiomorphic® Humalenate® of NUBIOTEK® ULTRA RADIX enters the plant generates energy through the carbon chains, which causes a better translocation from the root, of the essential elements to the interior of the vegetable cells in a homogeneous way. The BNF nutrients provided by NUBIOTEK® ULTRA RADIX, incentivize at the cellular level the production of Endogenous Auxins and activate the metabolism of the plant, generating a homogeneous vegetative development. It selectively activates and deactivates enzymes and other proteins. It increases the uptake of other nutrients such as Nitrogen, stimulates vegetative and radicular buds in addition to providing greater thickness and firmness of the stem.

Lightbourn® Biochemical Model - Agrological Vision

The relationship between root and leaf is fundamental for the plant's respiration. The mediator in this relationship is the coenzyme Q10 since in seasonal and microclimatic variants it is who controls the adequate flow of electrons in REDOX and also the OXIGENO ACRO and BASIPÉ TALAS routes. This implies that water and the arrangement of nutrients are in perfect viability, regardless of the climate or environmental conditions. This is the first function of ULTRA RADIX.

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