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Our product portfolio demonstrates our commitment to a regenerative agricultural model that produces safe food for people, animals, soil, plants, and water.

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Up to 14 times more efficiency in ion assimilation.

Imagine a way to stabilize and transport the biochemical compounds that the plant needs in a manner that mitigates the loss of most of the material through leaching, runoff, erosion, or gaseous emissions.

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Every declared gram of elemental nitrogen in our formulations is equivalent to 1.2 grams of nitrogen in conventional products.

How is it 1.2 times more effective?


Every declared gram of elemental phosphorus in our formulations is equivalent to 5 grams of phosphorus in conventional products.

How is it 5 times more effective?


Every declared gram of elemental potassium in our formulations is equivalent to 4 grams of potassium in conventional products.

How is it 4 times more effective?


Every declared gram of elemental calcium in our formulations is equivalent to 3.3 grams of calcium in conventional products.

How is it 3.3 times more effective?


Every declared gram of elemental magnesium in our formulations is equivalent to 10 grams of magnesium in conventional products.

How is it 10 times more effective?


Every declared gram of elemental sulfur in our formulations is equivalent to 14 grams of sulfur in conventional products.

How is it 14 times more effective?

Ideas from nature for nature.

Since our Nanoporters® are organic biodynamic molecules, applying any of our products will always have a dual effect: providing nutrients as well as important compounds for the plant and soil, such as carbon, enzymes, microorganisms, and amino acids.

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Integral Colloidal Nutrition System: SINC®

Our SINC® system seeks to promote soil recovery, nourish the plant in a timely and non-disruptive manner, and focus the plant's energy on production rather than survival.

18 years working for farmers. Get to know some of their testimonials.

Ing. Marco Cano | Technical Advisor Perote, Veracruz. México

"We have been using Nubiotek's colloids in potato crops for over 8 years now, and we continue to obtain satisfactory and very positive results. In a crop that has recently faced economic pressures, Nubiotek's products have helped us to better manage the crop, make better use of resources, and continue to have a profitable business despite the circumstances."

Sr. Carlos Sandoval | Producer. Tapalpa, Jalisco. México.

"The service provided by Bioteksa is very good, they have everything on time and in order, which is very favorable for us. Nubiotek products and Bioteksa Technology work with very good results. We have had great success with them. The difference is noticeable in the crop, from rooting, tuberization, stolons, in short, the overall quality of production. There is good attention, with a varied portfolio of soil and foliar products. Bioteksa is a good company, an excellent ally."

Ing. Alvaro Mesta | Huerta San Cristobal. Jiménez, Chihuahua. México.

"After keeping records of our pecan production for over 15 years, we have been able to prove that our production is more stable and higher when applying Nubiotek products, with an average yield of 2.5 tons compared to other nutrition protocols, where we have experienced decreases in production unlike with Bioteksa, which maintains these high averages. It can be said that Bioteksa's nutrition technology and Nubiotek products meet very good standards of quality and profitability."

Agrological advisory provided by experts

In 18 years of being in the market, we have seen impressive ways in which farmers, agronomists, and our entire community of users use our products in different ways in a wide variety of crops based on their experience and extensive knowledge.


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