Restructure, colloidize and activate the physical, chemical and biological structure of the soil, resulting in less stress.

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The NUBIOTEK® ULTRA HBK is available in 20L, 5L and 1L presentations.

Benefits provided by NUBIOTEK® ULTRA HBK

General benefits

NUBIOTEK® HBK is a soil conditioner and activator. It unlocks nutrients immobilized by excessive use of fertilizers. NUBIOTEK® HBK is an Amphiphilic Enantiomorphic® Colloid that activates soil bio synergy, promoting seed emergence and root development. NUBIOTEK® HBK is an efficient aid in the natural recovery of the clay-humic-calcium soil structure. Its elements reduce damage to seeds, germination and root growth caused by excessive salinity, compaction and blockages due to the use of fertilizers. It promotes the unlocking of nutrients and achieves a soft, spongy and very consistent soil. Its use is ideal for sowing.

Benefits for the soil

Unlock nutrients and decompact the soil due to the excessive use of fertilizers and hard waters. Thanks to its Nanoporter®, Enantiomorphic Amphiphilic Colloid®, it harmoniously integrates the properties [Mineral, Organic, Gaseous and Hydric, (Colloid)] that give shape to the soil as a living organism. It promotes a better dynamics and interaction of nutrients in the soil in addition to achieving a greater flocculation which allows rootings with unparalleled performance.

Benefits for the plant

De-stress the newly transplanted plant coming from highly regulated conditions of water, light, temperature and nutrients. Maintain a homogeneous distribution of humidity and optimal growth and development conditions in the rhizosphere efficiently taking advantage of the water resource. Stimulate the permeability of the cell membrane of the absorbing roots.

Lightbourn® Biochemical Model - Design of Molecular Nanoporters®

The lack of natural colloid in the clay-humic-calcium soil structure leads to recurrent and irreversible hardening of agricultural soils due to the use of conditioning agrochemicals, flocculating acids and composts with characteristics completely incompatible with the edaphic nature. Nanoporters® Amphiphilic Enantiomorphic Colloids® integrate colloidal organic matter into the structure at nanometric levels in a homogeneous way avoiding recompactions.

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