Inductor of organogenesis and androgenesis in plants. BNF Potentiator of Cell Division and Multiplication.

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NUBIOTEK® RFZ is available in 20L, 5L and 1L presentations.

Benefits provided by NUBIOTEK® RFZ

Ideal uses

Ideal for quickly recovering tissues damaged by abiotic stress. To reactivate the production of BIOMASS and consequently the increase in size, quantity and quality of fruits and tissues.

Benefits for the plant

NUBIOTEK® RFZ, with its exclusive content of 9-β-Dextro-Ribofuranozyl Zeatin and combination of essential nutrients, activates the generation of new growth shoots, flowering, tying and filling of fruits. It is an effective cell multiplier that induces, activates and accelerates the processes of new cellular cycles, in addition, it intervenes in the prompt recovery of tissues, after conditions of stress, (in combination with other NUBIOTEK® products, increases its efficiency, ask your agrological advisor). Its bio-stimulating effect affects the plant and the fruit to have a better cellular structure, since the nutrients provided by NUBIOTEK® RFZ activate the plant's metabolism, generating a homogeneous vegetative development, which allows to have robust and healthy vegetables. NUBIOTEK® RFZ is a hyperactivator that helps plants to better express their genetic potential; it also activates essential metabolic processes, so that cells have better respiration, hydration, photosynthesis and nutrition.

Science Driven Lightbourn®

Cell division and multiplication are the driving force of vegetative development, especially in the induction of plant organogenesis and the optimization of phloematic transport by synchronizing the mass transfer in the translocation phenomenon of assimilates: Volume of transfer = area x mass transfer speed = speed x concentration. Parameters that determine the adequate movement of photosyntates or assimilates depending on cell division and multiplication. Its fundamental active principle is the most active cytokinin: 9-ß-D RIBOFURANOZYL ZEATIN.

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