100% assimilation by the plant like no other Nitrogen in the market.

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Technical Sheet

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NUBIOTEK® HYPER N is available in 20L, 5L and 1L presentations.

Benefits provided by NUBIOTEK® HYPER N

Ideal Uses

To boost the development of vegetative tissue and ensure the ability to sustain the future harvest, Hyper N is the ace up the sleeve.

Benefits for the plant

It directly participates in the metabolism of plants forming amino acids, proteins and nucleic acids. At the same time it provides the necessary Nitrogen with much less energy expenditure for the plant, which induces the generation of chemical energy in the plant. It intervenes in the correct assimilation of Carbon through the Calvin cycle; it correctly and harmoniously activates the plant growth program, accelerating the formation of young cells.

Science Driven Lightbourn® - Agrological Vision / Agrology

The metabolism of GLYCINE and SERINE is closely related in the photosynthetic pathways in plants. The glycolate formed in the chloroplast is oxidized to glyoxylate and converted to GLYCINE in the PEROXISOMES. Glycine is used to SYNTHESIZE SERINE in the MITOCHONDRIA. Here begins the whole synthesis of STRUCTURAL PROTEINS. The HYPER N directly provides nitrogen to catalyze this process.

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Nubiotek Hyper P

Active intracellular phosphorus that induces the formation of high energy molecules.

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Nubiotek Hyper K

Catalyzes the transport and distribution of sugars to the points of demand.

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Nubiotek Hyper Mg

Photosynthesis and Respiration Inductor

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Nubiotek Hyper AZO Zn

Enzyme activator.

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Nubiotek Hyper BMo

Energy booster for accelerating development processes.

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Nubiotek Hyper CaB

Increases the vacuolar storage capacity of carbohydrates and proteins, due to the increase of the cell wall resistance.

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Nubiotek Hyper CaB s/N

Calcium pectate formers, which give firmness and long shelf life to flowers and fruits.

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Nubiotek Hyper Cu

Controls the increase of Reactive Oxygen Species (oxidative stress).

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Nubiotek Hyper Fe+Mg

Helps the crop to tolerate and counter water stress with great performance.

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Nubiotek Hyper Mn

Essential for the optimal functioning of the mitochondria (exergonic-exergetic).

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Nubiotek Hyper Plus

Coordinator of the Respiration-Hydration-Photosynthesis Synergy.

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